This is a required activity that allows you to converse in an informal setting with a native speaker from his/her native Spanish speaking country.  The meeting will last 30 minutes.

Your facilitator  will report to your instructor. Your instructor will assess your grade based on these categories:

Punctuality (Did you join the conversation on time?)

Participation (Have you actively participated in the conversation?)

Preparation (Were you prepared in advance so that you could have a better experience?)*

Respect (Were you considerate and cooperated with a positive attitude?)

Beginning Spanish I - Session VI

Weekly routines - Rutinas de la semana

What do you typically do during the week?  Describe your routine using the days of the week and regular verbs in the present tense. You can use words like usualmente, generalmente to describe your routines. You can also talk about what you have to do each week and what you feel like doing.  (To do this, you can use tener que  and tener ganas de plus the infinitive).