This is a required activity that allows you to converse in an informal setting with a native speaker from his/her native Spanish speaking country.  The meeting will last 30 minutes.

Your facilitator  will report to your instructor. Your instructor will assess your grade based on these categories:

Punctuality (Did you join the conversation on time?)

Participation (Have you actively participated in the conversation?)

Preparation (Were you prepared in advance so that you could have a better experience?)*

Respect (Were you considerate and cooperated with a positive attitude?)

Beginning Spanish II - Session IV

For this meeting, please be prepared to talk about the things that you did when you were growing up.  Please be ready to share where you were born, where you lived, your school, what you used to do for fun, who your friends were and any information about your past that is relevant and you would like to share. Be prepared to answer some questions and perhaps ask other participants.