Using Canvas Interested on a single sign-on for your

We can integrate our scheduling management tool into your Canvas pages so that your students can easily schedule their most convenient times and manage their participation in conversation assignments with our facilitators. Reminders are timely sent to students to support their time-management and to ensure participation.

Interested in our input for your assessment and to ensure the quality of our service

We are committed to maintaining you constantly informed of your student performance so that you can assess it and encourage participation. Our weekly reports, and the availability of the recording of our sessions in our secure servers, will give you access to your students work and our own performance, for feedback and input.

Concerned about business practices when it comes to our facilitator’s compensation

Please do not let our low prices lead you to infer that we are under-compensating our facilitators, especially considering their high qualifications. Our facilitators are compensated fairly by United States’ and European standards. Coachat runs a very low corporate profit, in line with our mission to provide low prices for students, as well as a high-quality experience for faculty as well as facilitators.

 Integration with your Canvas platform so that students do not need to go anywhere else to schedule sessions. You do not have to go through the time.

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Julia Michel

  • Linguistics applied to the Teaching of Languages

  • M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language

Marta Olivas

  • Degree in Hispanic Philology

  • PhD in Spanish Literature

Jacob Tapia

  • Bolivian American Center, Grammar and translation

  • Graduated from the “Circle of Latin American Speakers”

Violeta Cárdenas

  • Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico

  • PhD

Mónica Véliz

  • B.A. is in Linguistics applied to the Teaching of Languages

  • M.A. in the use of Technology in Higher Education

Rocío Martínez

  • Graduate in English Studies

  • Master’s Degree in Cultural Management/Creative Industries


  • Degree in Interpreting and translation

  • Degree in modern languages at Santa Barbara City College


  • Degree in Languages and civilization of Asia and Mediterranean Africa

  • Teaching Italian for 7 years


  • Degree in “East Asian Studies”


  • Filmmaking trainning in California

  • Teaching French for 6 years


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